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From Ro to Funfit

My name is Dianne and I have been working in the Fitness Industry for 20 years. However, before I found my true vocation in life I had several jobs from ‘working as a waitress in a Wimpy Bar’ to being a shop assistant in ‘the wonder of Woolworths and then ended up as... read more

Set goals for 2016 not resolutions!

So Christmas and the New years celebrations seem all but a distant memory and you made your New Years resolutions, right? Are you already struggling to stay on track? You do not need another New Year to make changes or another Monday but you can start by setting goals... read more

Would you like a guilt free Christmas?

Yikes December is just around the corner & the silly season is upon us! Do you just know that Christmas is going to be a write off for the waist line? Will you need a kick start in January and know you want to lose 5lbs or more? Then join the Kick-Start Your... read more


VITAMINS & MINERALS YOUR MICRONUTRIENTS: It looks so easy seeing which foods provide which vitamins but do we really eat a variety of fresh whole foods to get these essential nutrients? Micronutrients are essential for health and they help to regulate the... read more

Eggs! How do you eat yours?

Go on…admit it! with Easter fast approaching you thought I was going to talk about the chocolate variety 😉 So how do you eat yours? Fried, Omelette, scrambled, poached…… There are numerous ways of using eggs in recipes and I have added a couple of my... read more

Dianne does Dallas ( and Fitness )

I must confess I have become a total Dallas junkie since watching the first two series of the all ‘NEW’ Dallas. Lots of wheeling and dealing and lots of eye popping candy too with the devilishly handsome Jon Ross (JR’s son) and the good looking... read more

Coming Soon…

MY ONLINE FUNFIT ‘HEALTH & HAPPINESS’ BOUTIQUE You can find out more on my FaceBook page:... read more