From birth, your body has been designed to move so that you can keep joints mobile, muscles strong and supple, and keep your heart and lungs healthy.

Regular exercise can become a healthy habit if you enjoy it, so it’s about finding activities that you enjoy so that you can complement your lifestyle.

If you fuel your body wisely with good nutrition as well, your body will serve you well throughout life.

Nowadays we know so much more about our bodies, and there’s so much choice we can find activities to suit our individual needs.

So you’re not a gym bunny! Neither am I. Some people like hitting the gym hard and that’s their ‘Fitness Mojo’.

What’s a Mojo? It’s your personal magic spell or charm that shouts ‘YES’ when you get that fitness regime that’s just right for you. Sometimes the hardest part can be taking that first step to just show up at a class, but once you’ve overcome that hurdle you immediately feel better, and that’s before you’ve even completed your class or activity.

Starting something new for the first time can be daunting; you might be worried about what to wear, whether people will stare at you, or you may feel won’t be any good at it, or even think ‘I’m too old’! Nurture your Mojo and take that positive step – your inner fears and those questions can be answered by contacting the instructor first. We do not bite, honest! You will be put at ease and discover that group fitness classes are a fun and social environment. You’ll meet new like minded people, make new friends as you move and connect with your body. It’s time to reward yourself and your body for some much needed ‘self care and YOU time’

I have taught group fitness classes since 1995 and they are still very popular today. There’s so much out there on offer from mind body classes like Pilates, PureStretch and Yoga, to more high energy classes. Enjoy motivating music to keep you moving with Powerhoop: fitness with a weighted hoop! It’s so much fun! And there’s 50+ Keep Fit with FunFit, you’re never too old!

If you’ve misplaced your ‘Fitness Mojo’, now is the time to find it again.

Yours in fun & fitness

Dianne xx