My name is Dianne and I have been working in the Fitness Industry for 20 years. However, before I found my true vocation in life I had several jobs from ‘working as a waitress in a Wimpy Bar’ to being a shop assistant in ‘the wonder of Woolworths and then ended up as a Civil Servant. I can’t believe I worked for the Inland Revenue being in an office environment for 13 years! Unlucky for some and especially me. I was very unhappy, I dreaded going to work, the pressure, the targets, the abuse from customers and yes bullying from staff, I lost the plot and cried a lot. I was fortunate as I’ve always been employed but I ‘HATED’ my job!

Outside of work I attended some community fitness classes. At the time I really enjoyed a Step class which was led by an instructor who, reflecting back, looked very much like Halle Berry. She was amazing and also my inspiration to get out of the rut I had been stuck in for so long. I had that light bulb moment and thought that’s what I want to do, I want to teach fitness classes and so my direction changed and my pathway on my fitness journey began. I booked myself on to my very first training course, Exercise to Music at Morley College, Westminster. I ‘LOVED’ it! From the Anatomy &

Physiology to the choreography. Although I hadn’t really thought about the getting up and teaching the people bit. Scarey **it zone! I passed with flying colours and that was in 1995, a life changing milestone. I didn’t quit my job straight away but the day I did hand in my notice felt soooo good.

Since that day I have ran community classes and also owned my own successful Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Franchise in Essex. I have also completed many more training courses and kept up to date with all the latest developments in the forever evolving fitness world. I’ve taught a variety of fitness classes in clubs and leisure centres and have gained lots of knowledge and experience along the way. My favourites are Body Balance by Les Mills, Pilates and Powerhoop, ‘fitness with a twist’ using a larger weighted hoop. The best bit is meeting lots of lovely people and having lots of fun every single day. I enjoy what I do for a living. I am happy. It doesn’t feel like going to work. I love moving, I love music, I love my job and I love people, Especially people who make me laugh. It’s rewarding to help people find their fitness mojo.

Looking back I used to do all this as a child. I was a gymnast, the girls 1980 champion at the Sovereign Youth Club, happy days. I used to dance, it was always inside me waiting to be unleashed, it just took me a while to find my path.

Approximately 5 years ago I took the plunge and launched ‘Funfit Exercise Classes’ I needed a motto? ‘Bringing Fun into Fitness & Fitness to ‘YOU’ in the community. Yes, I know a bit cheesey.

However, it binds everything together nicely. I love fitness, I love to teach group fitness classes and I love to have fun at the same time. I want to be able to share this with others and have an influence to be able to help others enjoy fitness and enjoy life, to ‘Experience Fitness the Funfit Way’ more


The other day I bumped into a class member who hadn’t been for a while and she said it was lovely to see me, I’m always smiling and she couldn’t wait to get back to my class. I do hope that I am able to inspire and motivate the people in my classes the way I was motivated and inspired all those years ago.

Yours in fun & fitness x