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Here are some FAQs direct from Powerhoop

Is there research to support your claim that Powerhoop shrinks your waist?

Yes, there is! A study at Canada’s Waterloo University, conducted by one of the world’s foremost experts in spine biomechanics, concluded that Innertrak’s Powerhoop significantly reduced waist size in subjects who “hooped” for fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, for six weeks.

I’ve never been able to use a hula hoop before – what are my chances of success?

Due to their weight and large diameter, Powerhoops are easy to use, even for those who have never succeeded with old-fashioned lightweight hula hoops, with the help of pointers and a demo video.

Are weighted hoops safe?

Sports safety depends on common sense and on following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Weighted workout hoops are meant to challenge the core muscles, causing them to become firmer, stronger and more protective, but this is a process that takes several days of gradually increasing the amount of hooping time. Beginners who overdo will notice soreness and even bruising, which is uncomfortable, unnecessary, and gives hooping a bad name. In addition, there are certain conditions that are contraindicated for hooping, like pregnancy and taking blood thinning medication. Read more about hooping safety.

Why do Powerhoops cost more than other hoops I’ve seen online?

There are lots of cheap hoops on the market, and they’re cheap for a reason. When our Norwegian parent company launched Powerhoop in 2007, they tested every hoop they could find and determined that Powerhoop was by far the best:

The large diameter makes them easy to use and the wavy pattern helps to quickly build a “body armour” of core muscles.

A wide profile and high-density foam padding reduce discomfort in new users.
Phthalate-free foam means safety in households with children, and no unpleasant chemical smell
Powerhoops can be dismantled for convenient storage and travel, with sturdy connectors that won’t snap or fly apart under normal use Three different sizes/weights allow customers to choose the hoop that’s right for them Powerhoops are backed by top-quality customer service. Our staff members don’t just sell Powerhoops… we love them ♥

I have my own weighted hoop but it is not a Powerhoop, can I bring that to use at classes?
No, for safety and liability reasons only Authentic Innertrak Powerhoops may be used in a Powerhoop class and they can be purchased from your Instructor.


Tel: 07850 473428